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I love that in a sea of pink-washed princess merchandise, I was able to find something original that speaks to her actual interests. She loves to wear her Jane Goodall shirt and point out that the jersey number 26 is how old Jane was when she went to Tanzania for the first time. This is encouraging her interest in an idol that actually makes a difference in the world...

Joy S.

I wear my t-shirt all the time.  It's a conversation starter about why science and critical thought is cool.  Watching my son reach for his "brain" shirt and ask questions about science is truly the goal of this brand which I so admire.

Kristen J.

My favorite Trivia Night shirt - I win every time I wear it!

Trevor A.

As an avid capitalist, even I feel we are way off as a society when an athlete makes ONE THOUSAND TIMES a teacher's salary.  If the Intellectual All Stars mission can impact our priorities even a little, it is a great endeavor. 

And the t-shirts are super stylin' too!

Joe S.

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