About Us

Tara Teaford, Founder - Celebrate Intellect

Here, we celebrate intellect.

Hi! I'm Tara, founder of Celebrate Intellect and owner of the world-renowned yet fictional sports team, the Intellectual All Stars.  I'm a nerd (economics is my jam), a fan of pop culture, a mom, and I come from a family of teachers.  After observing that being smart and doing well in school have some seriously bad marketing (think wedgies and "Kick me" signs), I created a way to Celebrate Intellect the same way we celebrate our athletes and favorite bands - by wearing their shirts on our backs!

Who are your superheroes? Your idols? For many, they are sports stars and pop stars. While we worship at the altar of Queen Bey and root for LeBron every chance we get, we also want to show our love for the thinking set with similar fan gear.

We've assembled a team of Intellectual All Stars, the geniuses and giants who have shaped our world with their minds, and given you a way to show your fandom of your favorite scientists, artists, mathematicians, writers, composers, philosophers, and entrepreneurs.

Get your Official Intellectual All Star Gears here!

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