Mission: to inspire the next generation of thinkers.
Here, we celebrate intellect. We love to learn and want to inspire a love of learning in our next generation through sports-style lifestyle branding.  Imagine if we treated valedictorians, school robotics teams, and spelling bee champs with the same celebrity as the latest Super Bowl winning quarterback and Hollywood starlets.  We have imagined such a world and want to help create it.
Our Commitment
Better branding for nerds. In an effort to remove the social stigma of being smart, Celebrate Intellect uses the power of various digital marketing strategies to rebrand geeks and nerds as the intellectual allstars that are paving our future.
Recognize our next generation of thinkers. With the help of the Intellectual Allstars branding, Celebrate Intellect is committed to establishing a platform in which our next generation of thinkers are not only recognized for their successes, but celebrated as a celebrity in an effort to inspire the generations to follow.
Advocate intellectual health. Celebrate Intellect will advocate the importance of brain health and the priority it should take in the developing our next generation of thinkers.
Initiate thought leadership and collaboration. Celebrate Intellect is as an expert resource to intellectual leaders and students, and offers professional mentorship through online content and tools, and experiential learning events.
Next level collaborative competition. By leveraging the power of NFL-style level marketing, Celebrate Intellect supports, sponsors and collaborates with programs and platforms that incentivize our next generation of thinkers to solve real world problems with healthy collaborative competitions.
The Celebrate Intellect mission is working with literacy organizations and schools to assess and implement the best ideas to inspire our next generation of learners. In fact, we make a donation to organizations doing great literacy and childhood education work for every Intellectual All Stars t-shirt purchased.
You buy a shirt we give a book
Our current favorite literacy organization is FirstBook, based in Washington, D.C., and helping to alleviate book deserts that directly contribute to the achievement gap. Check out our blog for more info on this important topic.
Want to help?
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